Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now Scheduling Holiday Photo Sessions

Our card 2009

Our card 2008

Another version or our card 2008

Our card 2006

Inside of our card 2009

Our card 2010

Our card 2005
If you'd like to schedule a family holiday session with me(Kate) please send an email to: katerealiphotography@gmail.com 

or call 990-3488 from 8am -7pm

To get the best session dates and times available call or email to schedule 2-3 weeks in advance.
Available dates are from September 1-December 10th and fill up quickly.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Using Free Photoshop Action Downloads



It's really easy to find hundreds of free Photoshop actions on the web these days. I took a combination of Lux from Totally Rad Actions and Cool Effects Action by Numizmat along with some cropping and a little dodging and burning to get the final look. Photoshop actions are preset so with one quick click your photo can be transformed. Photography is becoming more of an art in the digital age and there is so much to discover.

                 Before                                           After

Here is another photo using the same actions with a little yellow color added to the final image.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You've got Mail.

I don't think I really have any photos of these two alone together so when I saw the opportunity I grab it literally I snag my camera back from their sisters as they were taking photos for an up coming 4-H project. How can you resist mailboxes and kids it's such a bizarre yet it works. I just love my two littlest buddies and I hope they grow to appreciate having each other especially since they share a room.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cool Photo Lens Mugs!

 This has to be the best photo mugs EVER! they come in Canon or Nikon there's even a thermos version check it out all the other fun stuff over at Photojojo.