Monday, April 19, 2010

Do I love photography? Do you?

I read so many posts about how much this and that blogger loves photography and I keep asking myself do I love photography? well the answer is no.... with an explanation.

See I don't love photography in relation to all the technical stuff, I don't love carry 16 pounds of equipment strapped to me for the past 14 years almost everyday, I don't love people coming up to me wonder what camera I use as if I've even read the manual and can actually answer their kazillion questions that in the end they think will make them a better picture taker or give them the title photographer. So you might be thinking well why am I a photographer then if I don't like "photography"?

I love creating art and showing my take on the world as how I see it , I love making people look good like really good so they no longer fear getting their picture taken and I especially love change peoples mind on their perception of photography it's so not about what camera you have or what lens you use it's about seeing and connecting to people and the world around us which brings me back in thought to Life Magazine it wasn't called Smile or Pose magazine it was real images of everyday things see through the eyes of artists who just happen to paint their canvas with light generated images instead of brushes that could change the world in fractions of a second.

So the simple answer would have been I love the art I can create with a camera as my tool whether it's a box with a hole punched in it or a DSLR the image will be only as good as my imagination can make it.

If I forgot to mention I'm a professional photojournalist who is convinced I can over come my fear of holding other peoples babies if I photograph enough of them, I hope.

Do you love photography? leave a comment I'd love to hear your thoughts.


LTM said...
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LTM said...
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LTM said...

Miss LIFE magazine... but your photographic art is amazing. Love love love it.

But good luck w/that baby thing. ;o)

Odie said...

I just ordered a Canon Rebel XS, waiting for it's arrival and hoping I can capture all the LIFE that I see around my little corner of the world! I'll keep ya posted.
Although I still have no clue what metering & apeture's & f-stops are!