Thursday, May 6, 2010

What camera do you use?

I get asked that a lot and the answer is quite simple I use Canon, which one you might wonder as well, I don't really know, it's whatever one is lying around the car or house but most of the time is a Canon Eos-1D MarkII N, really there's a lot of different ones laying around old and new and if it has a fresh battery can shoot a picture I use it.  Why Canon? well once upon a time someone in the middle of the night thought that they needed my Nikon equipment more than me and I never saw it again so I've borrowed my stuff ever since. Yes I own nothing, that's me personally and why should I when my husband has an arsenal of equipment. I prefer to talk to fellow enthusiasts about lens which seem to make more of a difference than the "camera body" when it comes to photographic style. I use a 16-35mm, 50mm and a 70-200mm all Canon 2.8 lens. I rarely use a flash simply because I either forget to bring it or well I broke three this past month alone. I believe the camera doesn't make the photographer any better or any worse.

A great mentor once told me "there's a photo in every situation and it's your job to find it."

and so the story goes, you want a rabbit to come out of that hat, I'll bring you the photo and I won't leave unless I have it before deadline of course!

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