Friday, July 23, 2010

Exposure cheat sheet

I set my camera on manual 75% of the time, I find the auto exposure to be inaccurate and artistically bland, I have more creative ability knowing and using exposure to my advantage when taking photos. My Grandfather passed along to me his 1950's Rolleiflex and on the back is a perfect guide or cheat sheet to getting a great exposure.

A.P. is always near by watching me when it comes to cameras and gadgets, can you spot him in the pic above.

ISO/ASA/BS -  the American Standards Association (ASA), and British Standards (BS); the newest term, ISO, all standardized way of measuring the light sensitivity of a certain film but in the digital camera world it's most commonly the ISO setting. 

*DIN is too confusing and not used anymore, thank goodness.

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