Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Round and Round they GO!

(Aidan @ 9 months)

Nothings better than coming across old photos of the kids you thought were lost especially since I happen to things I love my kids and this carousel. Every year we visit the Herschell Carousel Museum and the kids ride the kiddie carousel (no adults allowed) it's a 1940's aluminum carousel all the horses are pint size and it goes around slower than one can walk. 5 years ago I took this series of images as my kids rode around and around as some stranger  kindly held up my son on his horse (he wasn't even a year). Oh yea another fun part is when the kids run around trying to find their horse's name on the back of the saddles. I can't wait to blown this up big and hang it on our wall and we'll need to go back soon and shoot another series with Little E in there. if you ever go be sure to ride the 1916 adult carousel It rotates at approximately 6.5 revolutions per minute and if you don't know much about carousels that means it practically whips you off the ride if you don't vomit first.

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