Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Europe 1993

I'm fascinated by my old photographs(I shot mostly black and white back then) the ones taken before I officially became a "photographer". I can spend hours looking at them trying to see if there was any hint of my style in these images I snapped randomly with my manual Minolta camera. Whether it's images of my high school friends or when I was 18 and backpack through Europe I like to try and remember what I was thinking back then, what was it I saw through my untrained eye that stopped me in my tracks to take these photos. So much of my work now is focused on a finished product, I know what to look for and what the outcome will be, the magic and beauty of photography will always be there even though the wonderment I felt when I was young seems to have faded.

Belgium 1993 (I'm thinking it's either Antwerpen or Brussels)

Eiffel tower during my 19 hour walk through Paris 1993

Paris bridge with deteriorating statue and graffiti 1993

Notre Dame's flying buttresses 1993

The images above are of my travels through Europe in the spring of 1993, I wasn't much for photography people back then but the photos still hold memories that that will last a lifetime.

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